G.L.O.W. Conference Presentation Services

Registration Information


  1. Submit your paper to ssak@glowconferences.org. You should receive feedback before Registration Closes.
  2. Submit your Full Paper by July 13, 2020.
  3. Send $185.00 USD registration fee via PayPal to: Global Leaders for Organizational Welfare. 
  4. Registering and submission of papers for the conference does not guarantee that papers will be selected for presentation. Paying the registration fee allows for participation in the conference, but does not guarantee the publication of a paper. Submissions to G.L.O.W. will be considered for publication in the Global Leaders for Organizational Welfare Journal. Authors can opt out of this if they wish, and may publish elsewhere. Please let us know your preference upon submission.
  5. All submissions must be made by July 13, 2020. Conference will be held in August 8, 2020. 
  6. Participants may review and purchase the published papers in the G.L.O.W. Journal during the Conference on August 8, 2020.
  7. You may attend the conference without presenting. The registration instructions are the same.
  8. All of the following documents must be submitted via email to ssak@glowconferences.org. List of documents needed: 1) Registration Form; 2) Permission to Photograph Form; 3) Permission to Publish Form; 4) Liability Form; 5) Your FULL Manuscript.  
  9. Add us on Social Media. *Facebook/Instagram - @g.l.o.w.conferences  *Twitter - @glowconferences. 

Topics for Presentation Must be Related to Organizational Leadership


Criminal Justice
Health Care

Higher Education
Interdisciplinary Studies
Leadership Studies
Political Science
Women’s Studies



  1. Applicants from all over the World are considered.
  2. Must have no legal issues. Background Checks are recommended.
  3. Papers submitted must have no copyright issues. No Plagiarism! 
  4. Must be at least 18 years of age. 
  5. Must submit all documents signed by July 13, 2020.
  6. Must submit $185.00 USD payment by July 13, 2020. 
  7. Global Leaders for Organizational Welfare Journal can be purchased for $35.00USD on our website https://glowconferences.org
  8. Hotel and Travel fees are not included in Registration Fee.
  9. Dress Properly and Professionally on the day of Conferences.
  10. What to bring the day of presentations: 3 Printed Copies of your paper for G.L.O.W. Co-Founders as well as yourself and Powerpoint Copies for your audience (we will inform you on how many).
  11. If presenting, you MUST submit your presentation to ssak@glowconferences.org. Your presentation will be 20-30 minutes long. Printed copies will be needed for audiences. Bring your computer, cables, convertors and chargers with you.